Cardinal Technology


About TRC

The primary scope of responsibility for the Technology Resource Center includes, but is not limited to, the following:

All Voice, Data and Video Installation and Maintenance

  • Data: Computers, printers, scanners, LCD panels, mice, cables, networks, and software.
  • Voice: Telephones, intercoms, voicemail, P.A., tone signals (bells), etc.
  • Video: TV sets and mounts, VCRs, DVD players, bar code readers, cameras, etc
  • The use of the Technology Resource Center Lab is available to all within the District. The TRC lab offers the following resources:

  • 12 station network to preview, test, and learn new software,
  • A library of currently adopted software and publisher demonstrations available for review, use and training,
  • Software currently under review for adoption is available to try or borrow, and
  • Meetings, Conferences, and Technology Training use.

  • Please call (231) 592-8503 to reserve your time slot!

    BRPS Technology Resource Center | 500 N. Warren Ave | Big Rapids, MI 49307 | Phone (231) 592-8503 | Fax (231) 592-3494