Overview of the Web interface



New Concepts, System Wide Features - Part I

Accessing & Log in to the Web, Web screen overview

New Concepts, System Wide Features - Part II

Profile Record, Browse View

New Concepts, System Wide Features - Part III

Browse Filters and Features

New Concepts, System Wide Features - Part IV

Favorites, Preferences, Notes, Open a New Window, Product Setup, Student Locator, Reports/Templates/Report Queue




Attendance - Part I

Codes, Utilities, Data Entry

Attendance - Part II

History, Reporting, Letters


Current Scheduling

Current Year Scheduling - Part I

Overview, Product Setup, General Utilities

Current Year Scheduling - Part II

Curriculum Master, Course & Section Master, Curriculum, Course and Section Reports

Current Year Scheduling - Part III

Schedule by Student, Schedule by Class, Reports of Schedule Generation, Schedules, Rosters, Other Reports



Discipline - Part I

Overview & Discipline Entry

Discipline - Part II

Detail Action Update

Discipline - Part III


Discipline - Part IV

Office Visits

Discipline - Part V

Product Setup (Codes/Configuration/Utilities)


Future Scheduling

Future Scheduling - Part I

Overview and Course Master

Future Scheduling - Part II

Request Entry, Request Utilities, Conflict Matrix and Master Builder

Future Scheduling - Part III

Auto Scheduler, Student Scheduler, Reporting

PaC-to-Web Cross Reference

With links to Web tutorials



 Grading - Part I

Overview, Changing Grades, Printing Reports, Historical Grades, GPA Information, Transcript Notes

Grading - Part II

Grade Entry By Class

Grading - Part III

Defining District Report Cards, Printing Report Cards, Printing Transcripts

Grading - Part IV

Basic Standards Report Cards, Custom Standards Report Cards

Grading - Part V

Setting Up a Report, New Report Options

Grading - Part VI

Configuration/Setup, Utilities Overview



Student - Part I

Profile, Browse, Adding Students, Families and Emergency Contacts

Student - Part II

Data Mining, Processing Lists, Utilities, User Defined Fields and Screens




Navigation of Web Applications

Student Browse and Search Options

Can I turn off the Browse Filter?

Will my PAC Data Mining Reports be available on the Web?

Can I do mail merges on the Web?